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Pistol Proficiency

In this 7-hour Pistol Proficiency class you’ll be introduced to more realistic pistol shooting and gun handling by working defensive and performance focused marksmanship drills that have you shooting close to farther distances, with speed, accuracy and control. You’ll push your skills to the next level by fine-tuning stance, grip and vision. Layers of complexity will be added to drills to push you to achieve better performance.

This class is for intermediate level shooters who have a firm understanding of pistol shooting fundamentals, as well as experienced shooters who’d like to refine and improve their skills.

You’ll work with Gino Giliotti at the Lebanon County Police Combat Pistol Club in Lebanon County, PA, a natural outdoor environment that allows for effective training. Classes are capped at 5 students so you’ll receive individualized coaching that will accelerate your development and improve your pistol performance. You’ll learn techniques to identify problems that may be limiting your performance, the reasons why, and how to correct them so you can break through to a higher level of skill.

Courses of fire are tailored to the skill level of the shooter and are focused on real world civilian application. For performance and defensive utility, many drills are run from a shot timer to induce stress and get you acclimated to working under time constraints. Your results will be measurable. And you’ll come away with a course of action for incorporating regular dry fire into your practice.

What's covered:

  • Cold drill assessment
  • RDS zeroing
  • Refining the Fundamentals: stance, grip and vision
  • Draw stroke for speed and efficiency
  • Sight picture: levels of confirmation and what’s acceptable
  • Reactive shooting
    • Engaging targets at 5 to 25 yds
      • Multiple target transitions
      • Shooting on the move
      • Positional shooting (90° and 180° turns)
        • Incorporating vision barriers

        Skill Level


        Round Count


        Gear List
        • Semi Auto Pistol

          • Quality Kydex or leather holster, molded to make and model of your gun, either inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB). No universal or soft-side holsters permitted. 

          • 3 magazines minimum
          • 2 magazine pouches minimum
          • 500 rounds of ammo
          • Eye and ear protection
          • Pants or shorts with a proper gun belt (no sweatpants)
          • Weather-appropriate attire
          • Lunch, water, snacks
          • Digital photo of a loved one


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          Lebanon,PA (USA)

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