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Lebanon, PA (USA)

Practical hard skill training for on-demand performance in pistol and carbine

Pistol and carbine training rooted in core shooting principles focuses on essential current concepts to help you build the hard skills you need to run your gun with speed and accuracy. Using a process-oriented approach, you’ll apply these concepts to increasingly challenging courses of fire, incorporating time constraints, varying distances, movement and transitions. You’ll develop repeatable skills for on-demand performance that you can apply in any context. Classes are delivered in a one-day format and geared to all levels, from new to higher skilled shooters. Capped at five students, you’ll get maximum reps, individualized feedback and coaching. We train outdoors for a distinctive, motivating firearms training experience in a natural environment for maximum benefit. 

Gino Giliotti, Owner & Instructor

As a dedicated instructor and student, I practice, train and compete to ensure continual improvement in my performance, maximizing my efforts and putting my skills to the test. Then I pass along learnings to my students, sharing the most relevant, current and effective shooting techniques available.

My firearms training includes Rangemaster Certified Advanced Pistol Instructor and Rangemaster Certified Pistol Instructor under Tom Givens; NRA Certified Instructor in Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun, and a Range Safety Officer. I’m an active USPSA competitor in the Carry Optics division.

Over the past 12+ years I’ve also completed various levels of combative and performance based courses in Carbine, Pistol, Shotgun, Concealed Carry, Small Unit Tactics, CQB Tactics, Force on Force and USPSA, under some of the top instructors in the industry.

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Private training and coaching is available.

We’ll work together through a high-paced logical progression of drills designed specifically for you and your objectives, to help you build a solid foundation of hard skills. Higher rep count, individualized attention and feedback received will develop your on-demand skills and build repeatable performance. 

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LCPCPC (Lebanon County Police Combat Pistol Club), Lebanon
Fri, Jul 12, 2024 (1 days) $285
LCPCPC (Lebanon County Police Combat Pistol Club), Lebanon
Sun, Jul 14, 2024 (1 days) $285
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