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Ends Sun 04/16
Definitive Training Solutions

Lessons From Newhall

In April of 1970, four California Highway Patrolman were killed during a traffic stop. The gunfight lasted less than a few minutes, but the long term effects would shape police training and tactics forever.

This story has been retold countless number of times to law enforcement. This webinar will relate those gunfighting lessons learned not only for law enforcement, but to civilians as well. The gunfighting lessons are universal, and it is our duty to pass along the knowledge learned at Newhall.

This course is absolutely free. If you plan to attend, please like Definitive Training Solutions on Facebook and share this event with your friends/co-workers that would be interested. This webinar should last about 60 minutes and starts at 7pm EST on March 19th, 2023. Please turn notifications on for this event.

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This will be an online event.  It is absolutely free.  The zoom link will be posted in the Facebook event page prior to the event.  Search “Lessons from Newhall” on Facebook events, or try the link below.


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Definitive Training Solutions
Definitive Training Solutions

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