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Ashigaru Defense

Earth Rifle

Earth Rifle.

The first Book in Miyamoto Musashi’s’ The Book of Five Rings is the Earth book.  The focus in that part is the bridge between the expertise of the warrior and that of the average individual. A way to see that what is possible is not beyond you simply because of occupation.

When things go bump in the night you will not have time to prepare.  You will fight with what is on or around your rifle.  This class is built around the understanding that the fight will be with what is available.  You will learn to fight with your rifle and negotiate movement, cover, concealment, transition to pistol, malfunction clearance and much more.  This training is about you, so load bearing kit is not necessary.

Skill Level

All Levels



Round Count


Gear List

A fighting rifle. These are any rifle or subgun that is semi-automatic and has a detachable magazine.  Red dot sights are nice, but not required.

500 rds of factory new ammunition in the caliber of your rifle. 

5-6 magazines for your rifle.

A sling for your rifle.

If able to, your carry pistol with 3 magazines.

100 rds of factory new pistol ammunition.

Dress for the weather.



Note taking material.

An open mind.


(+ $0 Range Fee)

Additional Event Dates

Apr 08, 2023


May 06, 2023


May 20, 2023