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Ashigaru Defense

Earth Pistol

The Earth book is the first portion to Miyamoto Musashi’s, The Book of Five Rings. In that, he remarks on how carpenters, artisans, farmers, etc. share more in common with “The Way” than people would realize. From Solid Earth, foundation can begin.  You will learn how to fight for yourself, by yourself with the firearm you carry.

Skill Level




Round Count


Gear List

Your conceal carry gun, magazines, and assorted equipment such as belts, flashlights, etc.

A quality kydex holster. If you dont know where to go, try

It is recommended that you bring at least 3 magazines.

300 rds of factory new ammunition.

Eye protection and ear protection.

Your normal everyday clothing plus a hat and coat. Dress for the weather.

Water, snacks, and whatever else you need for focus.

Note taking materials.

An open mind.


(+ $0 Range Fee)

Ashigaru Defense
Ashigaru Defense

Tacoma,WA (USA)