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Tactical Response Inc.

The Fight - Force on Force Scenarios

THE FIGHT will test your defensive skills against thinking, moving adversaries in many realistic scenarios. Years of static square range training won't give you the tools and insights that these two days of tactical problem solving will. Make no mistake; this is a gunfighting course. We use paint marking rounds fired safely from real guns for the most realistic and adrenaline charged training experience to be had!

This is a student’s quote from our class; “Force on Force is an ego crushing experience, but no other training can teach and reinforce the lessons of reality quicker than it can. Only by working with and against real live thinking reacting people can tactics be proven and our training be tested. The stress is not as great as the stress of an actual life threatening attack, but it is as close to it as we can safely come in training. You will taste fear and uncertainty. You will second guess yourself later. You will learn lessons that you can not in any other way short of actual events.”

Test yourself! Get into THE FIGHT!

Skill Level

All Levels



Round Count


Gear List
  • One (1) open mind
  • Clothing to protect all exposed skin. This clothing will very possibly be stained so please wear items that are expendable. DO NOT WEAR EXTRA LAYERS OR BODY ARMOR. It is SUPPOSED to hurt. Pain is a very good teacher. If you don't want to learn this is not the class for you.
  • Gloves (Mechanix recommended)
  • Holster and mag pouch for Glock 17 
  • Paintball mask
  • Cup (groin protection)
  • Pen and paper


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Additional Event Dates

Jul 29, 2024


Nov 16, 2024