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Ends Sun 04/09

Texas License to Carry (Optional 2-hour intro/refresher available just before).

This is the course required by the state to obtain a Texas License to Carry (“LTC”).  

There are three course options:

  • Intro + LTC (Includes 2-hour classroom-only Safety and Marksmanship Intro).
  • Intro + LTC with everything provided (I provide eye & ear protection, firearm & ammo for LTC).
  • LTC only.   Note: The LTC class is NOT a "learn to shoot course."   If you can't currently perform the skills listed under prerequisites, please register for the Intro+LTC class, which includes a 2-hour module that will give you the basic skills.


After successfully completing the course, we’ll issue a Certificate of Training (LTC-100) that you can submit to the State to prove you have met the training requirement. Any caliber handgun is allowed, including .22s.

Skill Level

All Levels


You must already be to follow the four rules of firearm safety, load your magazines, safely operate your firearm, and be able to place a majority of 50 shots in a sheet of legal paper at distances of 9, 21, and 45 feet from a ready position under a slight time pressure.

Round Count


Gear List

What to wear:

·      A shirt with a high, snug collar (to keep hot brass out).

·      Closed-toe shoes (for the range portion of the class).  


What to bring:

·      Your unloaded handgun.  I have loaner semi autos available upon request.

·      2 unloaded magazines if possible.  1 will do.

·      50 or 100 rounds of new ammunition.·      

·      A baseball cap to keep hot brass out of your shooting glasses. 

·      If you have your own shooting glasses and hearing protection, please bring them, but I will have loaners available.

·      ***Lunch 



(+ $0 Range Fee)


Bandera,TX (USA)