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Ends Sun 04/02

Praelectus Long Gun

Long Gun

Class Length: 2 Days

Prerequisite classes: None 

Cost: $550


Use of your semiautomatic rifle and/or shotgun to save lives. 

This is considered an advanced class, but people with any skill level are welcome.

We cover topics related to using your guns to save lives, such as benefits of the long gun in close intra-personal engagements. We will be moving while shooting, using cover, engaging at close quarters, clearing malfunctions, shooting in low light, working through post engagement action such as treating wounds and 911 calls,  We intend on having a day/night/ day training evolution. 

We will be grilling out and camping out following the night shoot on day 1. It isn't required you grill or camp out if you don't want to.

Skill Level

All Levels



Round Count

700 Rifle, Some Pistol

Gear List

- Eye protection (make sure you have clear eye protection for the night shoot)

- Ear protection (electronic ear protection is recommended)

- Weather appropriate clothing, provisions to be outside during the day

- Outdoor footwear

- Bring your sidearm if you carry one, bring it how you carry it. 100-200 rounds of factory new training ammo 

- Hand held flashlight is mandatory

- Camping equipment if you would like to cookout and camp overnight at the range 


If you bring a rifle:

- Serviceable AR or AK style rifles 

- Sights properly mounted (medium thread locker on screws). 25 yard zero (if you have a different zero that is fine as long as your rifle is zeroed) (iron sights or red dot recommended)

- Sling mounted on rifle 

- 500 rounds of factory new rifle ammunition (bring more if you can)

- 5 magazines for your rifle (if you have more, bring them, magazines break)

- Gun mounted light if you have it

- If you have spare rifles, bring them just in case


If you bring a shotgun:

- Serviceable shotgun

- Sights properly mounted on shotgun (bead, zeroed rifle sights, or zeroed red dot)

- Sling mounted on shotgun

- 250 trap (#7 1/2 or #8 birdshot) (bring more if you can)

- 25 buckshot

- 10 slugs

- Gun mounted light if you have it

- If you have spare shotguns, bring them just in case


(+ $50 Range Fee)


Crestview,FL (USA)