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Patriot Training

Essential Pistol

Two-day defensive pistol class 

Marksmanship - Tactics - Practicality 

Essential Pistol blends these elements to prepare you for the use of your handgun in self defense. 

Class time: 8:30 - 5:30 Saturday & Sunday - Central Time

Add a family member - get a discount!


· You have your carry permit, but that class does not address how to defend yourself with a handgun.

· You choose to exercise your carry rights under "Constitutional Carry" laws, but you know there are still responsibilities that are linked to that right.  

· You own a handgun, and have been to the range, but you are wise enough to realize that you do not know what you do not know.  


This GATEWAY pistol class is perfect for:

· New shooters, including women and ages 11-18, who need to know marksmanship and proper gun handling. 

· Experienced shooters who would like to challenge themselves with some new skills. 

· Former and current law enforcement and military who need to gateway into civilian classes.




This class is designed to get you familiar with your handgun, and to provide some essential skills and tactics. 



· Legalities of Defensive Force

· Marksmanship - Pistol safety - Drawing the pistol

· Shooting positions and variations and Stoppages 

· Basic medical treatment of trauma wounds.

· Multiple shots & Multiple targets 

· Shooting & moving

Skill Level

All Levels



Round Count


Gear List


· Your carry handgun 

· Quality holster (leather or kydex - stays open for reholstering)

· 3+ magazines

· Sturdy Carry belt

· 500 rounds of factory loaded brass cased ammo 

· notepad & pen 

· eye protection & ear protection. 

· If you wear prescription lenses / glasses - BRING THEM! 

· BRING LUNCH & SNACKS – There is no place nearby from which to buy lunch or snacks, so bring it with you!  

· WATER!!!


** Avoid bringing a revolver, unless you wear it as your backup gun for the class.

** Avoid cheap nylon holsters.

** SERPA HOLSTERS NOT PERMITTED!  (exception - law enforcement whose department requires them)

** OWB ok - IWB ok - AIWB ok


Holster should be mounted on your strong side (dominant hand side) between the 12:30 and 5:30 position. 11:30 and 6:30 positions for left-handed persons.  


If you have a choice between a small gun and a medium/large gun, bring both! You can learn the techniques and tactics on the easier, larger handgun, then go practice with your smaller carry gun. Larger handguns tend to do better in class, tend to be easier to shoot, and tend to have fewer malfunctions.  



· Concealment garment.

· Spare mag pouch (if you don't have one, don't worry - a pocket will be fine).

· creature comforts. We will be outside much of the day.  Sunscreen, bug spray, lawn chairs, etc.


(+ $0 Range Fee)

Patriot Training
Patriot Training


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