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Personal Survival Solutions - Shane Kerwin


This nation was built on a citizenry that owned a rifle and had the ability to use it in the protection of their family, home, and community. This course is based on that premise. Expanding and extending beyond our Intermediate Distance Rifle/Carbine course. Scout Marksman will push the limits of your rifle and you out to 400 yards and instruct you in our thoughts on the Scout Marksman role. This course can be shot with your 5.56 carbine but is intended for an introduction to large caliber Battle Rifles. Designed around the premise of the Designated Marksman concept it is to fill the gaps between carbine distances and the Sniper. In addition to refining the skills learned in previous courses, you will be introduced to environmental effects on trajectory and how to account for them, improvised rifle rests and maximizing stability for increased hit success, reading and understanding the firing field, all the while gaining confidence in your ability to engage and hit a threat at all distances from close to far. At the conclusion of this course, you will be a more knowledgeable, capable Armed Citizen, and have a firm understanding how the Scout Marksman fits into your Protective System.

Prerequisite: American Rifleman Series – Intermediate Distance Rifle/Carbine

Topics Covered:

Refresher of the Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship

Role of the Scout Marksman

Introduction to Environmental Effects and Rapid Compensation Techniques

Bullet Trajectory and its Effects at Greater Distances

Unknown Distance Estimation

Implementing a Range Card

Rifle Zero Confirmation

Grouping Exercises from 100 – 400 Yards

Conventional and Unconventional Shooting Positions

Improvised Shooting Positions and Rifle Rests

Rapid Target Engagement from Close out to 400 Yards

Skill Level

All Levels


American Rifleman Series – Intermediate Distance Rifle/Carbine

Round Count


Gear List

Reliable, Zeroed Rifle – 5.56/.223, 7.62x39, .308

With Sighting System – Iron Sights, Red Dot Optic, or Low-Powered Variable Optic

Rifle Magazines x 3 Minimum

Magazine Carrier x 2 – This can be a battle belt, chest rig, belt carrier. Shooter preference.

Rifle Bipod (Optional)

Backpack (Used as an improvised Rifle Rest)

Rugged Clothing and Footwear

Eye and Ear Protection

Elbow/Knee Pads (Optional)

Portable Sandbags/Rifle Rests (Optional)

Laser Range Finder (Optional)

Notebook and Pen/Pencil

Drinks, Snacks and Lunch

Duration: 8 Hours

Ammunition Requirements: 150 Rounds


(+ $0 Range Fee)

Additional Event Dates

Aug 20, 2023


Nov 19, 2023