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Personal Survival Solutions - Shane Kerwin


This course moves down the path from Close Range Rifle/Carbine II, continuing our in-depth look at the 50 yard and in, close range problem set. This course will augment and add to the skills learned in the previous two courses. Rifle marksmanship and manipulations will continue to be emphasized, with the implementation of critical thinking, tactics, and problem-solving, all applied in realistic content. Complexed malfunctions clearance will be addressed, along with instituting movement with an introduction into partner tactics, unorthodox shooting positions, with heavy use of cover and barricades being are some of the topics that will be covered during this coursework. With the uncertain times that we are seeing in our country today, the ability to employ a rifle/carbine in the protection of yourself and loved ones is an important skill to master and integrate into your personal protective system.

If you are operating with a Red Dot or LPVO, Back-Up sights are highly recommended.

Prerequisite: Close Range Rifle/Carbine II or equivalent training. For questions of requirements call or email.

Topics Covered:

50-Yard Zero Confirmation

Close Range Battle Standards Assessment

Conventional Shooting Positions

Target Discrimination Excercises

Unconventional/Unorthodox Positional Shooting

Shooting with Movement

Rapid Threat Engagement

Multi-Threat Engagement Methods

Employment of Cover and Working the Angles

Introduction to Partner Tactics and Communications

Skill Level

All Levels


Close Range Rifle/Carbine II or equivalent training. For questions of requirements call or email.

Round Count

Gear List

Reliable Rifle – 5.56/.223, 7.62x39, .308

Sighting System – Iron Sights, Red Dot Optic, or Low-Powered Variable Optic

Rifle Magazines x 3 Minimum

Magazine Carrier x 2 – This can be a battle belt, chest rig, belt carrier. Shooter preference.

Rugged Clothing and Footwear

Hat or Headgear

Eye and Ear Protection


Knee & Elbow Pads (Optional)

Notebook and Pen/Pencil


Drinks, Snacks and Lunch

Ammunition: 300 Rounds

Duration: 8 hours


(+ $0 Range Fee)

Additional Event Dates

Aug 13, 2023


Nov 05, 2023