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Personal Survival Solutions - Shane Kerwin


Going beyond the lessons learned from Close Range Rifle/Carbine I-III, CRR/C-Applied Tactics will teach, and pressure test your application of tactics in a realistic, protective environment. This coursework will place extreme emphasis on movement and fighting to and from cover, learning to gain the initiative and adding to your tactical advantage, while honing your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in a complexed environment.

Given the likelihood, that during an encounter, you may have a partner or loved one with you. The afternoon of this course, we will introduce you to partner tactics and how to work with those that are with us, to leverage a decisive advantage, to succeed in the dynamic environment of a potentially lethal force encounter. This coursework can be taken with a partner or a family member but is not a requirement. Students will be partnered with a fellow classmate during the afternoon session.

Topics Covered:

• Protective Mindset and the Spectrum of Awareness

• Understanding Greater Implementation of the Wyatt Protocol

• Movement to Gain an Advantage in the Cycle of Initiative

• Fighting to and from Cover or a Position of Advantage

• Target Discrimination and Dealing with the Surrounding Environment

• Medical Treatment during a Violent Encounter

• Pre-Fight Planning and Implementation of an Action Plan

• Partner and/or Family Communication

• Partner Tactics and Movement Coordination’s

• Dealing with the Post-Fight

Duration: 8 Hours

Skill Level



Close Range Rifle/Carbine or Equivalent. For questions of requirements call or email.

Round Count


Gear List

• Rifle, Carbine, or PCC

• 3 Magazines

• Magazine Carrier, Chest Rig, or Battle belt

• Eye and Ear Protection

• Rugged Clothing

• Appropriate Belt – Gun Belt

• Rugged Shoes or Boots

• Notebooks with Pen or Pencil

• Drinks, Snacks and Lunch

• Sunscreen

• 400 Rounds of Ammunition


(+ $0 Range Fee)